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Welcome to DermaVet


Welcome to DermaVet


DermaVet is currently the only news and ongoing training site exclusively devoted to veterinary dermatology. It is strictly for French- and English-speaking vets and veterinary students. The site is completely free of charge, thanks to the financial support of DermaVet's partners. We are most grateful to them for making the site possible.


DermaVet is also one of a kind with regard to the wealth of knowledge and resources it has compiled in a single site:


- Summaries of the papers published on veterinary dermatology since 1990 (more than 7,000 to date!)

- All the articles from the international listserv, VetDerm

- Review articles

- Case reports

- A press review

- A dermatology discussion forum

- A chat facility for real-time conversations

- And a wide range of additional features just waiting to be discovered...


If this is your first visit, you will need to sign up for an account by clicking here. Once you have signed up and the information you have provided, including whether you are a veterinary student or practicing veterinary surgeon, has been verified, you will receive your username and password. Should you have any problems with the registration process, send us an e-mail using the 'Contact us' menu.


So have a nice day and we hope to see you soon on DermaVet.


Dermatologically yours,


Webmaster of DermaVet


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